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A new way of urban living, together.
Living in cities is a grown trend, and by 2030 probably 60% of the world’s population will live in cities. Nowadays we can undoubtedly say that we live in the digital era. We broadcast our messages and who we are genuinely to the world on social media networks, almost as if we manage our own brand which is ourselves. With that, there’s a lot of under the surface movement going the other direction, coming more to the basic life, generating offline intimate connections.
Design Rationale
People that live in the city often join local Facebook groups to stay updated on what’s happening in their district. Posts are shared between the group members, from questions and recommendations about locations, cafes and restaurants to discounted services offerings and some off-topic conversation about what’s happening in the city and in their area of living. So it somewhat became a reliable source of information and replaced the good-old building staircase in giving a platform to direct social interaction. However, online communities started to suffer from the same difficulties that lead people to utilise them – the lack of centralization and unadapted interface created confusion and difficulty in finding what you’re looking for.
What happens inside local Facebook groups?
Rethinking current possibilities
After emphasising on this subject, it seems there’s a lot of potential for innovation in the way co-living in cities is being experienced and could be better delivered to end-users. Take a look at our journey towards building an easy-to-use social platform for local communities to flourish in.
What defines today’s neighbourhood?
Context & Emphasise
Exploring through wireframes
Being able to easily and efficiently set project timelines helps design teams plan and assess their activity and resources on the go, so as to ensure project deliveries to clients are on time.
Know what’s happening in your community
The app is built in a way that presents a feed that displays members posts in the most visually engaging way.
Catch up with your neighborhood pals
With a simple, clean conversation interface, socialising around common interests made easy and delightful. Neighbours can socialise digitally and stay updated on local news and discussions on all matters.