Helping startup builders to own their equity
EquityBee. Exercising employees stock options
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Funding for startup employees's most important asset
EquityBee is a platform that helps startup employees get an external capital to exercise their most important asset, their equity. EquityBee’s Investor Community are being revealed to opportunities to invest in the platform, and by committing an investment they become shareholders for a share in employees potential future gains from their stocks.
Vivid and engaging visuals
Unique visual language
We created this magnificent and unique visual language that can be stringed along the platform and the different product’s features, helping to convey EquityBee’s mission through human illustrations and geometric, colourful drawings.
New experience, new homepage design.
After working closely with the EquityBee’s product team on re-shaping and refining the Investor Dashboard Experience and making the process of helping startup employees get onboarded to the product easier - we worked together with EquityBee’s marketing team and talented developers to create a new homepage that will better illustrate and demonstrate EquityBee’s value proposition, while also supporting their effort to make the product much more self service, and actually ready for much more scale in terms of users and traction.
Thought out onboarding experience
Startups employees and employees in general do not engage often with complex financial concepts, specifically for this case the process of exercising their options, understanding future gains, etc. In this on-boarding process there was a need to lead the users in a very clear, trustful way to registering and inserting their options related information to the app.
An e-commerce inspired experience for investors
EquityBee’s product serves both Startup Employees by helping them find a way to fund their stock options from the startup company they work for, from one hand. From the other hand there are Investors who may find value in these stock options and be interested to invest in one’s stock options, when and if possible.
To enable the best experience for investors we took a lot of inspiration from the world of e-commerce in the same way as product are listed for sale on commerce sites, here opportunities to invest are presented open to new investments.
Designed for mobile
Today we know that more than 50% of device website traffic comes from mobile phones, thus the designs we make are being specifically tailored to fit the mobile experience as well.