Helping companies handle how they are getting paid.
Gaviti. Improved Payments Collection Process
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Collecting payments faster in a new dashboard experience.
Gaviti is a platform for that enables small and medium size enterprises collection teams to get invoices paid, and paid faster. Their offering is a product that helps streamline the process of payment between them and their clients and by doing so ensuring a higher and faster payment rate, and also gaining more control and a hand over the whole collection process.
Refining current experience
We worked together with the Product team on Gaviti to help them re-shape their current experience by creating new visual design choices thet will effect the overall look and feel aesthetically, while those also have a great effect on user engagement and on how the already existing functionality is being experience by users, helping them to gain larger value form the use of the product.
Mobile ready experience
Unique visual language
One of the requirements in the brief was that users should be able to access the dashboard from a range of devices, and especially when they are on the go or between meetings and need to have access to the payments center. This was taken in consideration in the design process and effects the way components are designed - in a way that they could be translated in a convenient manner to a mobile experience.
Payment Widget
Gaviti also supplies a moving part that is exported out of the main application and can be presented as a widget, when needed, inside an e-mail engagement for example. This ensures a higher chance of engaging and using this functionality and also invites the enterprises’s clients to engage with the product.