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Context & Emphasise
Opening Doors Together is a startup with an important mission in the domain of sales for the enterprise, to connect between new born startups and big companies that need their offerings. In its platform individuals can harness their network of connections gained in their professional career to help make these matches, and establish new relationships and connections.
UX & Definitions
Hunterz and Startups is a platform to connect between Hunterz and Startups, those who want to get introduced to new business and get to to know new enterprises. Hunterz are freelance professionals who get paid by the platform to make intros and Startups are the customers who pay to get introduced to big companies.
Building a strong visual presence
We worked together with the team to create an end-to-end experience, except for a full UX/UI process there was a need to define a more unique and profound visual communication system, starting from the visual components through the logo design, branding and illustrations that we planned & designed.
Connecting startups and enterprises
The homepage’s goal is to attract and attain both’s target market which are, from the one side – Hunterz, people with vast network leverage that can be used in the platform and be monetised, and from the other side startups that seek to enlarge their sales reach, and to make sure their product is being introduced to new companies and by so getting new business and income. We built a visual language that can be welcoming with subtle pastel, warm colours. A more bold colours are used for the main call-to-actions on the page, to make sure they are noticeable and that users can easily find their next steps in the site.
Find and manage everything you need
A dashboard design that gives users from both sides to manage their information, browse through matches and make new connections happen.
It's all about communication
The dashboard is built of various sections, one which is probably the most used and got the most complex functionally is the Inbox section. Making connections is not a one step process, thus there was a need to design a thoughtful experience that can address specific cases that can happen in each interaction between startups and enterprise, with the magic help of Hunterz. We focused on making those solutions in the UX and with that also creating a delightful chat experience that will make conversations be clear and run easily.
Designed for mobile
Mobile was a priority in planning these UX experiences, some of them are more or less complex, there was still a need to let Hunterz users to access their data from their mobile phone. We designed the dashboard in tiles on a fluid grid terminology that by design makes it fit mobile perfectly, and making the mobile experience pleasant and accessible.