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Jasper. A digital credit card for Millenials and Gen Z
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A digital credit card experience like no other
Jasper is a smart credit card that was born in the digital era. Their main offer is to help their users promote positive financial behaviour and stay out of debt. Just the idea of being updated moment to moment of your finances and spendings helps you become a better money saver. With that, additional advanced payments tools to foster financial freedom and staying out of debt.
The light and young creative approach resonates both in the User Experience wire-framing iteration process and the visual design language choices that was manifested.
Exploring multiple concepts
We wanted to create a modern design language that can resonate with the youth but still be classic and clean, these are the directions we went for that eventually lead us to stick with a singular color use in the user interface and it’s features, which felt like the right direction to stick to as we progressed from each of the versions.
Web Presence
Generating users through the marketing site
We also helped Jasper shape their new web presence that targets generation Z’s youth and students, help them navigate Jasper’s offerings, card features and eventually lead them to register to the service. A visual language that compounds both elements from the App’s user interface with rounded and geometric shapes.
Jasper Rewards
After creating the initial UX and Design for Jasper App the next task was to tackle a new product requirement which is to think about Jasper’s most important product feature: Rewards. This feature enables user to capitalise on Jasper promise to help them become better with their finance and gain more control on how they spend. The ability to jump on working on this feature was really convenient as the base UX of the app was already defined.
Making complex finance processes and terms accessible
Simplifying an experience is an important and sometime can be very tangled as well. A simple design makes complicated concepts accessible, and here there are some of the mockups output that do just exactly it. Understanding complex and complicated financial terms and translating them to an easy to understand User Interface utilising design most important tools: Correct Visual Hierarchy and creating a good balance of gaps and proximity. Understanding what’s important and creating and correct priority of features, buttons. Utilising infographics to better educate the user in an engaging, wrapping up a group related content into components - and building the right user flow.