Introducing Lingopie’s website experience.
Lingopie. Learn a Language with TV Shows and Movies
Product Design
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Context & Emphasise
Creating something new
Re-designing a company website is a task that requires both loyalty or better put consistency to what has been working and what keeps the brand engaging and curiosity to be able to open up to new concepts, and to eventually to be able to innovate and introduce something new. This was our challenge when designing Lingopie’s new homepage concept. The first thing is to understand that frame and in that start creating. We went to explore different creative directions from different sectors that we thought could inspire a new design for the new site.
UX & Planning
One brand story, different wireframes as directions
After discussing the research findings, and thinking about how Lingopie should present itself to new users we set out to start building wireframes that present different directions that strive to illustrate Lingopie’s mission to help people learn new language in the most easy way, and the most effortless one that’s for sure.We were inspired from one side - multimedia and pure television companies as Netflix and media streaming services that bend more into education like Masterclass. The UX wireframes suggest different way to lead user as he scroll to learn about Lingopie’s product and promise to ensure you learn a new language and having lots of fun doing it.
Tweaking and making everything work
The last stage in the process was to start working with real content and copy, tweaking the design elements and prepare the design to be ready for development on Webflow. The middle section of the site is planned as a fixed component that presents and showcases Lingopie’s product features as you scroll down the page.