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On-demand employment platform for truck drivers
Transforce is a big player in USA’s transportation agency. They are leading logistics and driver staffing firm, with a mission to improve the way truck drivers are being assigned to new jobs. Truck driver temp agencies have been around for decades, ranging from large, nationwide size players like TransForce to small local businesses. This project is a new application that aims to double down on both sides needs, making Transforce improve in the field of being more efficient staffer, increase their drivers satisfaction rate and bring better experience to their workday. With that, truck drivers get as much independence in their work life while still being able to get new gigs and be less in the unknown in terms of their future work schedule.
After laying out the foundations of the project in terms of product and user needs we’ve went to a quick research to help us plan the new experience while we base our decision on already existing conventions and user flows we discovered on other applications in the transportation field.
Various working models for truck drivers
For truck drivers it’s not an easy task to find a lasting a gig that lasts and keep their income at bay. Trnasforce goal is to become a better staffer while also deliver good user experience and clarity to their drivers, making sure drivers always have a new gig opportunities and getting them a good paying jobs that can fit their flexible work schedule.
Planning the Driver's User Journey
Planning the UX for the app was done with the support of three elements that acts as confines to the prototyping process. The first is Transforce aim to become more efficient, transitioning most of their staffing work that is now being done in an ‘offline’ mode utilising agents that contact the drives through phone calls and e-mails. The second was the drivers flexible needs, as it should be a tool that should help them get new opportunities while still maintaining their current work load. And eventually capitalising on the learnings we had on our research.
Simple & Direct
We sticked to Transforce Brand in terms of color palette, and played with the different variations of dark navy blue and green. The idea was to be very simple and direct and doing so by using big notification messages as the main elements in the app, so it will be very clear for drivers what current status they are at the moment.
Finalising the design
From the different concepts we decided to stick to a very clean design based on white as the primary color for background. The main use of this app isn’t meant to be use when driving so we could skip using dark colors as background for readability and scan-ability while driving. This UX shows part of the Driver Current Job feature that breaks down the full mission from their employer into small minidisk creating a process experience with milestones that need to be checked in order to finish the job successfully, and eventually getting paid.
Making everything work together
Except for the core experience which is the job itself, there are other moving parts in the whole experience for the driver that includes browsing for new gigs, negotiating the terms of work, contacting and communication with the agents team at Transforce. An interesting challenge was to design the Jobs Browser feature which showing users new job opportunity. Each job contains a lot of properties and information for the driver to consider, so there was a need to really think of information hierarchy - what should we put in the front and what was less important and could be discovered only when driling down to a specific job page. All of these experiences was designed in a user-centric approach with user needs and wants in mind.